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Sanitation Zone™ Station

Sanitation Zone™ Station

Sanitation Zone™ Station

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The Sanitation Zone™️ gives helps keep everyone safe and healthy while instilling confidence in your community to trust you. 

SanitationZone is sturdy enough for ANY environment. It will not knock over or be destroyed. Our proprietary material ensures sturdiness.

Why Sanitation Zone:

  • Keep everyone safe, healthy, and confident!
  • Perfect for retail business, churches, municipal buildings, parks, events, or anywhere you expect a gathering of people.
  • Store extra PPE equipment for easy access


  • Made of heavy-duty corrugated cardboard
  • Moisture resistant surface with an antimicrobial top surface for easy cleaning and last durability.

Sanitation Zone Topper

What's Included:

  • 1 x Sanitation Zone
  • 1 x Commercial-Grade Stainless Steel Sanitizer Pump
  • 1 x 42" Universal Dispenser Extension Hose Kit (comes with multiple sizes of lids/stoppers to accommodate any size jug/container)
  • 1 x Cylinder Insert to hold your wipes (fits any wipes cylinder)
  • Moisture resistant surface with an antimicrobial top surface for easy cleaning and lasting durability


  • 42" back height
  • 30" front height surface ( sanitizer pump, trash chute, & wipe) to bottom
  • 20" wide by 20" deep


  1. Easily set up the Sanitation Zone in less than 5 minutes
  2. Open the Sanitation Zone lid and place your jug of sanitizer on our sanitizer jug support
  3. Connect our stainless steel pump (included)
  4. Put your wipes in our Wipe Container
  5. Place a trash bag in the trash receptacle

You are done!

Perfect for retail stores, events, churches, schools, shopping centers, boutiques, offices, and other areas where people will gather. 


"These boxes are a convenient, fast, and easy way to offer wipes or sanitizer to the people who walk in the door. Thank you!"

Dr. Kara

"I LOVE these Sanitation Zone stations! It's sturdy and was super simple to setup!"

Just Jill+

"Our customers love them! We got one for each entrance. I've had many people tell me it makes them feel better about coming in!"

Jason - Retail

"Our population leans more vulnerable, so these were critical to ensure we kept everyone and our environment clean and healthy!"

Adam - Church
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